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Is the Real Deal?

Do people get laid on the site?

This week my inbox has been flooded with questions about and whether it's authentic. I noticed it on a free porn video today and realized why everyone was in a tizzy. The video I saw had hundreds of thousands of views with a little slipcc logo on the lower left corner. The amateur chick in the 10 min video wasn't even hot so I was first surprised to see so many comments. Everything about this site and the way it was being advertised looked fishy, so I knew it was time to dig deeper.

It's a site that gets a lot of traffic and most visitors seem to be type in traffic. People who watch videos like the one I did and type and get asked to login. The ugly truth is that there is no real site. It's used as a gateway to lure you into another site. A lot of people on facebook were saying that it took them to I've had plenty to say about Justhookup over the years so I wasn't surprised but it took me to another affair site called

I can see how guys get lured in. The site says there are girls close to your location. They list a ton of hot girls and tell you to sign up for a free account. Towards the bottom of the page it has girls with messages that read "Text my Phone" to make it look like you'll access to all of these gorgeous women. These pictures are all sexy but just real looking enough to make it all seem legit. They're semi-nude and full nude "selfies" taken from a cell phone. This technique is used more and more in adult dating to lure in guys looking for sex.

Ok, so you want to know whether slip cc is a trusted website? Overall, I'd have to say no. The fact that they don't have a central twitter profile, facebook page, and they are just a big link to another site tells me that this site is about as spammy as you'll find. So far it looks safe, but I wouldn't submit a credit card I actually cared about. My registration was through a netspend card just in case. I just signed up tonight and my information has already been shared with tons of fake girls writing me.

I didn't even send one email and had already received 6 messages from "girls in my area" wanting to hookup. They were all faked and everything on the site looks faked. is a great concept, but unfortunately you will be disappointed. These guys were:

"I was ripped off. I've never seen such a spammy site before. When I look back, I was fooled and it's kind of embarrassing that I signed up in the first place but the girls were so hot on the sign in screen, I just wanted to see who was online. I was duped." - Griffin (Arkansas)

"I saw my husband had signed up got really pissed. I was so mad, then I looked at and couldn't help but feel bad for him. It was such a crappy site, I wasn't even that mad at him once I read a few reviews on it." - Katie (Iowa)